Saturday, November 26, 2005

Orbiter Web: Going into Harmsway

Shuttle Climbs Over KSC
Among the many Orbiter support and "fan" web sites, the Orbiter section of Harmsway's web site is probably the winner for the one Orbiter support site you would take to a desert island (OK, a ridiculous analogy, desert islands usually have broadband anyway). But Gene Harm really has put togther an extensive array of Orbiter support materials, with an FAQ, a number of tutorials, missions/adventures, screen shots, and more. His "Space Shuttle Guide" is a brief but up-to-date introduction to installing and flying the latest Space Shuttle add-ons for Orbiter. There's also a very useful overview of the Apollo/NASSP add-ons. This site has really helped me to explore and understand Orbiter, and I highly recommend it.

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