Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Moon & Mars & Montmartre

Moon Over Montmartre
From my eighth floor seminar classroom in Paris, November 14, looking east, 1700 UTC, the Moon in light haze above Montmartre. But what is that reddish blur to the left and below the Moon? Could it be Mars? It's usually over my neighbor's house...
Moon and Mars from Earth 11-14-05 1700 UTC JPL SSS
JPL's Solar System Simulator page is the quick way to check. Enter the date and time, "Mars seen from Earth," 20 degree field of view, et voila. Yes that was Mars, 72.668 million kilometers away (Sacré Cœur was about 3 km). Click the pictures for bigger versions available on Flickr.

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DarthVader said...

nice shot Bruce. Are you sure it wasn't the reflection of some burning cars? ;-)