Monday, November 14, 2005

Orbiter in The Space Review

Dock ISS - Delta Glider Virtual Cockpit
The Space Review is one of my favorite space sites, a weekly web magazine with articles, opinion pieces, and reviews that go beyond the quick reaction to news events. With contributions from various guest writers (as well as editor Jeff Foust), The Space Review provides background, depth, and perspective on space developments.

So I was especially pleased when The Space Review accepted my proposal for a review of Orbiter. The article appears in today's issue. The picture above is one of the two illustrations in the article, a view of the International Space Station from the virtual cockpit of Orbiter's "Delta Glider" space plane (this version has a link to my Flickr picture site which has larger versions of this and many other Orbiter screen shots).

If you are visiting from the link in The Space Review article, welcome. I hope you found the article useful. If you have any questions about Orbiter, feel free to ask me here, or better yet, visit the Forum where the real Orbiter experts hang out.


Anthony Kendall said...

I enjoyed your review of Orbiter in TheSpaceReview on Monday! I went to check it out thinking perhaps I would download it, but was dissapointed to learn that it is a Windows-only application. But, thanks to your pictures on Flickr and your blog entries, I get to participate anyway, even with my Mac!


Tech Guy said...

Well done, Bruce! Well done!